How to identify your ideal client: A free workbook

If you’re starting a business or rebranding your established business, the number one thing I recommend focusing on upfront is identifying your ideal client. Who are you speaking to every day when you show up on social media? Who is reading that “about” page on your website? Without this crucial, clear understanding your branding will not be as effective as it could, and should, be. I’m going to help you learn how to identify your ideal client and provide you with a free downloadable workbook to execute all of this. 

A common mistake new business owners make is trying to get any and all job opportunities or sales that they can. This mindset will actually hurt you and cause you to miss out on more quality opportunities. I know the idea of saying “no” to someone who isn’t the right fit sounds scary, after all, you need the money, right? In the long run, it’s going to help you succeed and secure better business, and better clients, therefore creating more happiness for you! 

So, that all sounds great but how do I get there? 

I can’t encourage you enough to take the time to sit down, in a quiet place, and focus on honing in on your ideal client. Remember, your ideal client is ONE singular person. You will go from marketing yourself to everyone, to marketing yourself to one person. This isn’t previous clients or people who follow you on Instagram. This is your dream client. She shows up at your house and knocks on your front door. What’s she wearing? What is her name? Is she married, single, or have kids? Is she driving a Cadillac SUV or a Honda Civic (both are great, btw)? It’s a Saturday night… what is she up to? Is she at a local bar enjoying happy hour or is she snuggled on her couch with a glass of wine watching The Bachelor? 

There are so many questions to dig into when it comes to your ideal client. Once you’ve worked through the ins and outs of her life, you will transition into how she fits into your business. What problem does she face (aka why is she on your website)? What is she looking for specifically when hiring someone in your profession? I don’t just mean wedding photography. It requires some deeper thought. Why would she choose a competitor over you? Take this time to really dive into what she is searching for when she lands on your website, what she expects when she hires you, why she might say no, and what she requires to overcome her hesitations. 

A free ideal client workbook

To make things a little bit easier for you, I’ve created this guide to help you pencil it all out. Take it step by step to come up with who this ideal client is. She will set the stage for your branding, website and future marketing. 

By identifying with one person who you really WANT to work with, you will begin to attract that client! When you’re speaking in your copywriting on your website you will think about only her. Don’t worry, Salted Pages has your back on this one. Each time you hop on Instagram live, you’re going to talk to her, not anyone else. 

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How to Identify Your ideal Client

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