Photography Website Design: Fotos by Anum -

Photography Website Design: Fotos by Anum

Today is the celebration day for the Fotos by Anum website launch! Anum needed a photography website design that would help potential clients find her, and then convert these leads after they landed on her site. Anum is a Toronto, ON-based wedding photographer and videographer. Prior to coming to The Kate Collective, she already had her logo and branding outlined, but she needed a new online experience. We used a custom Showit design to bring her vision to life.

Photography website design with ideal clients in mind

We knew we wanted her site to be as straightforward and user-friendly as possible while maintaining a very clean, and modern vibe. In the beginning of every process with my branding and website clients, we dive into who we are trying to serve. Who will be landing on this website? What is she looking for? How can we make sure the design and usability resonate with her?

With this in mind, I build out each page of the website with that person and those goals front and center. It is important to have this foundation upfront. Otherwise, the likelihood of attracting your IDEAL client is going to be less. For a little help outlining your own ideal client, head to this blog post to download my free workbook.

Here is a look at Anum’s custom photography website:

After identifying Anum’s ideal client, as well as creating a clear style guide, I created a custom site just for Anum.

Photography website design

Showit Website Launch Strategy

Prior to her new custom Showit website going live, we hopped on another call together to strategize the launch together. I put together several assets that she could use to promote the launch of her new site and mockups to show her audience some sneak peeks. This is something I offer to all of my website design clients to help them effectively promote their new site. Here is a look at a few of the launch promotion templates:

Photography website design
Photography website design

To view the all new custom Showit website design for Fotos by Anum, click HERE.

To inquire about your own brand and website project, please reach out here.

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