What I’m leaving behind in 2019 as a small business owner

I’m so excited to roundup all the things I’ll be leaving behind in 2019 as a small business owner. Have you spent the last couple of months prepping for the New Year, or have you only just realized it’s now January (an entirely new decade at that) and it’s time to get a move on it?

In previous years you may have done something that I did for years… make New Year’s goals so complicated (without realizing it) and then not accomplishing half of them. 

This year I’ve decided to make my planning a whole lot simpler and I thought I’d share it with you. 

This year I’m rounding up what worked for me, and what didn’t. This will help me to really see things that I need to ditch in 2020, and things I should continue to do and possibly expand on further.


What I’ll be leaving behind in 2019 as a small business owner:

Lack of protection: After some trial and error, I learned what my contract was really missing. Mid-way through 2019 I purchased a contract template from The Creative Law Shop to make sure I am protected when things don’t always go as planned (and this DOES happen). If you’re needing a new contract, terms & conditions for your website, or anything in between, head over to the shop and take advantage of 10% off using code THEKATECOLLECTIVE10.

Paid courses: I hate to admit this, but I invested quite a bit into paid courses this year. While I am glad that I did, I feel I spent more time being in these courses and learning new things that I didn’t actually carve out the time to apply what I learned. In the new year I’m going to spend more time developing these new skills rather than investing in further content. This will also free up my business budget for other things, most important to me this year: saving. 

Loose timelines: We’ve all been there. Each time a project doesn’t go exactly the way you’d hoped, you think through how to make it better for next time. In the new year, I’m ensuring to leave behind any opportunity for my project timelines to get off track. I believe this is going to make the experience so much better for both me, and my lovely clients. Holding people to their deadlines and to-do’s is not a bad thing. It does not make us bad people. It is actually helping our clients and they come to love and appreciate you even more!

What I’ll be bringing into 2020:

A new brand and website: I spent much of 2019 trying to determine what I wanted my new branding and website to look like. It’s not that there was something wrong with what I had, it just didn’t feel like me. I was trying to imitate what I perceived as being attractive to people. I learned quickly that this was a mistake. Yes, even brand designers aren’t perfect when it comes to their own branding. If you’re considering a new brand and website in the new year, I’d love to help you along the process. Get in touch with me and let’s make sure you’re attracting your dream clients in 20201

Dubsado: I’ve talked about Dubsado before. It is literally the one thing in my business I simply could NOT live without and it’s definitely making its way into 2020. Dubsado is my CRM that I use to manage leads, projects, proposals, contracts, payments, and so so much more! Anytime you complete my contact form on my website, you’re automatically created as a lead in Dubsado. Sign up HERE to receive a discount on your subscription if you’re ready to make your client processes smoother in 2020.

Systems and processes: Staying on the topic of Dubsado, in 2019 I made the decision to work with Jenna from In the Details Darling to setup my Dubsado account to work FOR me. She helped me create canned emails and setup my workflows. This means, as soon as someone completes an inquiry form on my website, they are then placed into Dubsado (automatically) and then are assigned a workflow. The workflow is every single step in my entire process – AUTOMATED! I can’t even begin to tell you how much time this freed up for me AND allowed me to go to bed at night without having to think to myself, “Katie don’t forget to ___ in the morning”. If you reach out to Jenna be sure to let her know I sent you! No, I don’t receive anything, I just love for business owners to know that I love them!

Partnerships with the right people: I made some GREAT connections in 2019, and it’s helped my business so much! I’m continuing that trend into 2020 and vow to put myself out there more, especially when it comes to connecting with fellow small business owners. One connection I’ve made that’s had the greatest impact for my clients was with Lauren from Salted Pages. She’s a copywriter for small businesses and her services are now included in every one of my packages! Her services have alleviated a lot from my clients and provides them with a stronger converting website. If you’re interested in other services from Lauren, she offers blog post creation and more!

How to wrap it all up into an action plan

Friend, I hope this was helpful to you. In my experience of coming up short on New Year’s goals, I’ve found this process to make things so much easier. Of course, if you wand to add some new goals to your list, I encourage you to do so! But I’d recommend creating those goals based on your “what worked, what didn’t” list. When crafting those new goals if it fits into the category of things that didn’t serve you well, cross it off your list. You’ll be left with only those items that will serve you best. So, start by reflecting on what you’ll be leaving behind in 2019 as a small business owner.

Oh, and I shared in a previous email that I’ve got some exciting new things made especially for you launching this month! Maybe you’re looking for some free downloadable templates to serve you well this year, or you need some help crafting a new brand that attracts your ideal AND converts them into a sale. Whatever it may be, I’ve got you. 

The Kate Collective is a branding and website designer with a primary focus on photographers and wedding industry professionals. The Kate Collective is based in Phoenix, Arizona and serves the United States and Canada. To inquire with Katie fill out the form to connect

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