What every website footer needs to have

If you’d like to convert more of those visitors who are taking the time to look at your whole web page, then be sure you’ve got these three things every website footer needs to have.


What do you do when you reach the bottom of a website you’re looking at? Unless there is clear direction on what to do next, you’ll likely leave the page or the site altogether. Here are some simple ways you can avoid this on your own website:

01. Create a clear call to action:

Don’t leave them guessing. If you want them to fill out that inquiry form, tell them. No need to make it fluffy, just say it like it is. On my website, you’ll notice a piece at the bottom of just about every page that directs you to inquire with me via my contact page. It is not lengthy and it does not leave my visitor guessing; it simply lets them know their next step.

02. Ways to connect with you:

If they’ve reached the bottom of your site and are ready to leave, show them other ways of connecting with you. Email, Instagram, and Facebook are some good examples. You can include an Instagram widget and some social media icons for design aesthetic.

03. Offer something

I encourage you to not over-complicate this step. Got some great tips and tricks over on your blog? Add a “featured post” piece and lead them there. Maybe it’s a freebie opt-in or a free consultation call. Allow them to gain some sort of value by making it to the end of your website. 

*Regardless of the value you add to your footer, all websites should contain legal protection. The three main website contracts that should be on every website are: a Privacy policy (required by law if you’re collecting any personal information; hello contact form & Google Analytics), Terms & Conditions (don’t let anyone steal your work), and a copyright date (this should be the current year). 

Ready to get started?

Unsure where to start? The Kate Collective works with a copywriting partner, Salted Pages, on every web design project. We can make sure your footer (and the entire website) has the copy and necessary elements to convert your visitors into leads! Contact me so we can get started!

The Kate Collective is a branding and website designer with a primary focus on photographers and wedding industry professionals. The Kate Collective is based in Phoenix, Arizona and serves the United States and Canada. To inquire with Katie fill out the form to connect

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