Welcome to The Kate Collective! I am so honored you're here!
At the core of my little business I believe in pursuing your passions, uplifting others, and having fun while doing it. What's the point if it's not any fun, am I right?!

I am a wife, a mom, a friend, and most recently I've decided to pursue my own passion - web design! I've studied and worked in marketing for a number of years but really found web design to be my niche. It's where everything that defines your brand comes together to tell a story; your story! By working with me you are partnering with someone who understands all angles of marketing your brand with a true expertise in the area of web-design. 

Being married to a family of entrepreneurs, and simply loving to support small businesses, I saw an overwhelming need for those businesses to have beautiful and effective websites at a cost obtainable to them. 

I love web design because it allows me the opportunity to connect with my clients, learn who they are and learn what their brand brings to people. I love to tell my clients' stories! 

When I'm not designing amazing sites I have other passions! Aside from the obvious [you know, long walks on the beach], I love Fruit Roll Ups, mango, and avocado. Those three items will be my last supper I am sure. I was born and raised, and still reside, in the Phoenix area. I am married to a pretty awesome dude who builds beautiful custom homes for a living. We raise our two children, Noah and Charlotte, and our pup Arlo in our lively Queen Creek home. 

Life is wild, fun and adventurous with my crew! We staycation, we travel, we go to bed by 8pm and we eat dinner together every night at the kitchen table. I know what you're thinking: People still do that?! We do! 

I look forward to getting to know you, working with you, and developing a website that truly exemplifies your brand!

About Me

Hey! I'm Katie!

I love web design because it allows me the opportunity to connect with my clients, learn who they are and what their brand brings to people. I love to tell my clients' stories! 

The Kate Collective was created to help creative people with amazing brands achieve the website they are thoroughly proud of at a price point for everyone. 
I have a true joy to help those who are looking to develop their first website or redesign their existing site. 
By choosing The Kate Collective you will receive an experience that is fun, easy, and ultimately an end result that will help grow your business and attract the clients you really want.  
I have packages to fit several needs but if you need something a little more tailored specifically to your brand I'd be happy to partner with you and make that happen.
So whether you're a photographer, wedding planner, florist, or blogger 

About the Kate Collective

Professional web design for creatives 

By working with The Kate Collective you are partnering with someone who considers you a true friend. You will receive the utmost care and expertise from start to finish and even long after.

I take pride in forming lasting relationships with my clients through real, personal interactions and engaging in what you have to offer. You might find me in your place of business, interacting with your customers, or even purchasing something you may sell; all in an effort to immerse myself in your brand so I can do my best at portraying your strengths in your website.

The Process

let's start collaborating and create something beautiful, together.