What to include on the homepage of your Showit website

Not sure what to include on the homepage of your Showit website? Creating a high converting homepage on your Showit website will take more than listing your business name & tagline with photos!

Your home page is the space on your website where visitors are most likely to land first after finding your business. How can you effectively use this space to ensure that they’ll continue to scroll and click through your website? Better yet, how can you use this space to introduce your offer and turn your visitors into potential clients by inspiring action that has them filling out your contact form?!

The homepage of your Showit website is not just for SEO! It’s important to look at this space on your website as a way to build user experience into your brand. There is so much strategy that goes into building a homepage on a Showit website, but I’m giving you my basic wireframe of things to include on your homepage below!

The essentials

The essentials include your logo, navigation menu, social medial links, and footer. Essentials can also include any other information that may be critical to your client potentially hiring you. An example of that might be your availability for taking on upcoming projects.

Introduction to your business

What is your business’s mission or vision? Who does it serve? This information should be clearly discernable! Your website visitors have to know if they’ve landed on the right website to solve their problem.

Brief bio

Yes, this information should be included on the homepage of your Showit website even if you plan on having a whole page of your website dedicated to an about section! The brief bio on your homepage should also include a photo of yourself making eye contact with the camera. Using a forward-facing photo is key in forming a connection to your audience.

Hero image

Share a singular image on the homepage of your Showit website that is highly compelling. One of your cream-of-the-crop photos! If you’re a photographer, your photos will be the first thing your visitors are looking for. Once your website visitors receive a visual cue that they love your vision, they’ll continue to scroll your site to see what’s next!

A highlight of a featured gallery or blog post

If you are a photographer or visual creative, having a featured gallery on the homepage of your website is key in drawing in and keeping the attention of your visitors. If you’re not a visual creative, then highlighting a high-value blog post that shows off your expertise is a great way to entice your visitors.

Where you’re located

If you are a location-specific business, the location in which you operate should be found easily on the homepage of your website. In other words, your clients shouldn’t have to click around your website to find out whether or not you are established in their local community.

Your services

Think of this as more of an introduction to your services. Introduce what you offer and where your visitors should go next to learn more. Your call to action to ‘learn more’ should be clear and direct. It’s easy to allow this section to get clouded or confusing, try to avoid that. Just get straight to the point and tell your visitors where they should go next.

A testimonial

Adding a testimonial to the homepage of your Showit website is a great way to provide social proof and credibility to your brand. Your potential clients may face reluctance about taking the next step with your business. But you can build in reliability by allowing them to hear directly from your past clients. For home page testimonials, I personally recommend including no more than a total of 3!

The order in which you include these key items on the homepage of your Showit website may look different for you depending on your brand and website goals. It’s possible that your brand may require more content than what I’ve listed above! Your website designer & copywriter will help you to determine what will be most effective for you.




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