What to Include in an Online Proposal

Online proposals are a direct selling tool in your business! Here’s what to include in an online proposal to close the deal with a new client!

Beginning a project with a new client is such an exciting part of being a business owner! The first thing to know is that it’s important to share just enough information in your online proposal to set the expectation with a new client about working together. Secondly, sharing too much information can have the reverse effect and turn them off from taking the next step with you.

Your online proposal is the place you want your client to press the “buy now” button. Once they click that button, you are officially hired! Want to trigger an invoice as soon as your client clicks “buy now”? Having a CRM in place for your business is crucial for taking your client from step 1 to step 2! I personally use Dubsado. I couldn’t run my business efficiently without it!

Here is what to include in an online proposal for selling success!


First and foremost, your online proposal is a touchpoint of your business, which means your proposal should be branded! Your proposal is continuing the vision and mission of your business while reiterating to your client that you are trustworthy and they can take your business seriously. It’s key that your online proposal includes your logo, your brand colors, and your brand fonts!

The Service

Did you have a discovery call with your potential client before putting together the online proposal? During your call, your potential client probably clued you in to the exact problem that they are having which gave you indicators on how your business can work to solve it. Choose the package that best suits their specific needs and outline your package very clearly! Clearly outlining the package in your online proposal will tell your client exactly what service they should expect to receive during your time together. It should also clue them into what they should not expect to receive!


Maybe the package you outlined in your online proposal didn’t include one or two key items that you know your client would directly benefit from. This is where you want to present them with the option for an add-on to their package! Again, clarity is key here! When presenting your client with the options for add-ons in their online proposal you’ll only want to include any options that are relevant to them, as well as the total cost for each individual add-on.

Payment Policy

What forms of payment do you accept? How will those payments be made, will they be manual, or recurring? Should your client expect to pay in full in order for your project to begin? Do you offer up a payment plan, or require that your client make a deposit? All of these payment details should be explained thoroughly in your online proposal.

Your Process

What happens after your client accepts your proposal? Your onboarding process should be outlined in your online proposal so that your client knows exactly what happens next, and in what order! Think of explaining your process in your online proposal as a row of dominos falling. After the client clicks accept is your process: contract, invoice, deposit, payment schedule? From there what dates will their work commence? Informing your client ahead of time of your overall process will make communication throughout your project much smoother! It sets the tone and expectation for the total scope of the project!


Are you surprised to see testimonials on the list of what to include in an online proposal? Including testimonials in your online proposal is a great way to add social proof from a third party, which increases sales! Placing testimonials above the buy now button is a strategic way to close the deal! The testimonials in your online proposal should be kept to a minimum. One or two testimonials from previous clients will do the trick. The place to get more in-depth with testimonials is on your sales page, not your online proposal.

What not to include in an online proposal!

One thing you want to avoid at all costs in your online proposal is directing your potential client back to your website or any other location. This will only cause confusion and distract them from your work together. The ultimate call to action to give your client is to accept your proposal to work with them!

Are you ready to elevate your brand & start booking those high-paying dream clients?


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