Your Showit website needs a Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions

Are you legally protecting your Showit website with a Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions?

Arm your Showit website with Terms & Conditions

Curious to know why your Showit website needs a terms and conditions page?

Terms and Conditions are one of the foundational legal elements of your website. It’s a contract between you and the user(s) of your site. While not federally required by law, I ensure that all of my client’s websites have terms & conditions.

Adding terms & conditions to your website constitutes an agreement on how your website’s visitors may and may not use your website. Not having a terms & conditions page on your website can leave your website vulnerable. The terms & conditions page of your website protects your content from copycats and content swipers. Having a terms & conditions page on your Showit website is your best line of defense for protecting the content of your website. How awful would it be to have all of your hard work taken and reused or redistributed without your permission?

A terms & conditions page will also limit your liability if a website user ever takes legal action against you. It’s an unpleasant thought to have as a creative business owner. But it’s also a reality to protect your business from.

Do you need to add terms & conditions to your website? Use this link to grab the terms & conditions template from The Creative Law Shop. Use code THEKATECOLLECTIVE10 to get  10% off your order!

Protect Your Website with a Privacy Policy

Now that your Showit website has Terms & Conditions, what about a Privacy Policy?

Are you collecting information on your website? This information can include names, email addresses (via an opt-in or lead magnet!), Google analytics, and credit card information from online sales. If so, then your website must have a privacy policy.

The privacy policy on your website tells your website users what type of data you are collecting. Secondly, it also tells your users what you are doing with that data. Lastly, it outlines who has access to it.

It is absolutely required by federal law that any website collecting information has a privacy policy. A common legal issue among creative business owners is being in violation of federal law by not using a privacy policy on their website.

Do you need to add a privacy policy to your website? Use this link to grab a privacy policy template from The Creative Law Shop. Use code THEKATECOLLECTIVE10 to get 10% off your order!

Ready to take the proper steps to legally protect your Showit website with a Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions? Click the contact button to get in touch!

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