Where to start when branding your creative business

In a time where information and inspiration are the most accessible, it’s ever been, we are faced with the pleasure [and challenge] of creativity and business brand must-haves. This can cause a little bit of a distraction if we aren’t careful. I want to help you by outlining just where to start when branding your creative business.

What is a brand vs. branding

Words you’re hearing all around your creative small business: your brand & your branding. What do they mean? We all have a brand. It’s what someone thinks about when they think about your business. Maybe it’s what they perceive they can expect from you or what they think you have to offer. Your branding is your visuals. This might be your logo suite, your social media designs, font selection, and brand color palette to name a few.

So, how do you create the most timeless, sought after brand?

Establish your brand as the industry expert: This is where to start when branding your creative business

How do you do that? What is the first step?

Prior to venturing into any brand visuals (ie. your branding) you need a solid foundation and to establish your brand as the industry expert.

By having a clear definition of who you are and what it is that you’re actually providing to your customer, you’re setting the stage to create a quality, long-lasting, and high-converting brand identity.

You are going to need to define your brand by doing the following:

  • Define what you are truly providing your clients.
  • Crafting your brand’s mission statement & core values.
  • Developing your core values
  • Understanding why your dream client would want to hire you in the first place.
  • Mistakes that are often made during the branding process and how to avoid them.

Are you ready to take this first step?

Believe me when I say this is crucial to any branding project or any business simply looking to realign with their foundation. By skipping this part of the process you will likely result in confused potential customers, a short-lasting brand identity, and finding yourself in the process of another branding design project.

A FREE 36-page all-inclusive workbook

I’m so excited to help you work through these steps using my proven process that I go through with all of my 1:1 custom design clients. This workbook is designed for creative business owners who are truly looking to hone in on their brand’s foundation and put in the work required to set themselves up for success.

With a clear, defined brand you will better showcase yourself as the industry expert and create effective brand visuals.

Learn more about the workbook here or if you’re ready to get straight to work, download it below!

Download the workbook


Friend, I hope you are able to take this workbook and use it to its fullest potential. It truly is where to start when branding your creative business. Jot down all of your thoughts, work through the prompts, write out what makes you uniquely special, and then craft that into your brand identity using the process outlined. In addition to this guide, my friend over at Salted Pages has additional tools and tips to execute some of the assignments you’ll find in this workbook.

If you need any help at all, please contact me. I’d love to walk you through this tool and ensure you get what you need from it.

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