How your website FAQs may be driving leads away

Creating content for your website can be a challenge. You have to know just what to say, how to say it, and where it should be placed in your overall design. In addition, to your general content, you may want to place some frequently asked questions in there. These are helpful for your visitors to get a quick, easy-to-read glance at some pertinent information. Today I’m sharing just how your website FAQs may be driving leads away.

First and foremost, if you’re unsure if your website is currently converting, or how to improve that, get in touch! I’d love to offer you a FREE live website evaluation and consultation. In addition, we can chat through the FAQs you specifically chose for your website. But before then, read along to see how your website FAQs may be driving leads away.

The natural sales journey from website to booked client

Whether you have dialed in processes and systems, or just fly by the seat of your pants, your customers are going through a specific selling process. First, they land on your website. At this point they are known as website traffic. The goal when you have website traffic (also known as a visitor) is to gain an inquiry from them. In order to do this, you warm them up on your website. You educate them on how you can enhance their lives, the transformation you provide, and some more about you. Included in this part of the process most likely includes Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

The first set of FAQs: Your website FAQs

I always educate my clients on the natural process a customer takes and at this point, we want to get the visitor to become a lead (to fill out your contact form). When you’re creating FAQs for your website, keep this goal in mind. To have anything more than 10 FAQs is too many. You want to share just enough information to get your visitor to inquire with you. They need to know just enough to say, “yes, this person could potentially help me and I want to learn more”. There IS such a thing as overselling (which results in a lost customer) & providing too many FAQs will do this.

Example FAQs a bride would want to know from a potential wedding photographer at this point might be:

How far in advance should I reserve my date?

Will you be my photographer, or do you have an associate team?

Do you use film or digital camera gear?

The second set of FAQs: Your pricing guide

After your visitor becomes an inquiry, it’s time to give them a little bit more information. They now may need some FAQs as part of your pricing guide that makes them think, “Yes, I want to talk to her. Her services sound like what I need.” It’s important not to confuse FAQs designed to convert a visitor to a lead with FAQs designed to convert a lead into a client. They are different.

Example questions a bride may want to learn from a potential wedding photographer at this point in the process may be:

What are your payment policies?

How many images will I receive?

What time will you arrive on-site for my wedding day?

*Can you see the difference in the type of questions here compared to on your website? They serve different purposes & for a good reason.

The third set of FAQs: Your welcome guide

After your lead hires you (who wouldn’t? You’re amazing!) you have some further information she will need to know. What can she expect now that she has committed to working with you? Your welcome guide may include some FAQs on her time with you from here. Again, it is important not to confuse this information with the necessary website FAQs to convert your visitor into a lead.

Example FAQs in this section might include:

How soon before the wedding should we plan to schedule our engagement session?

Can you help me with what to wear to my engagement session?

When will we have wedding day timeline discussions?

The three stages of website FAQs

Stage 1: converting a website visitor into a lead – provide only the necessary information to achieve this

Stage 2: converting your lead into a paying customer – don’t oversell at this stage!

Stage 3: Ensuring your new client understands and is well equipped for whats to come!

I know it’s a fine line with what to include and what not to include on your website’s FAQ section. If you feel you need over 10 FAQs on your site, this means your overall website content is not doing its job. I’d love to help with that! Contact me and we can strategize your new Showit website design and professional SEO and conversion-focused copywriting from Salted Pages.


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