How to keep your brand consistent

One of the most important things I can share with my clients is the need for brand strategy & consistency long after our project is over. Your new logo suite, custom curated color palette & beautiful new website are only the beginning. Staying “on brand” throughout your client experience is especially important to maintain that credible appearance, stay recognizable & attract the right people. How do you keep your brand consistent outside of your logos and website? Follow these tips to maintain your brand identity in all the right ways!

Your in-person interactions

Chances are you (or your designer) have spent considerable amounts of time researching your target audience, strategizing goals for your business & curating a beautiful new brand ready to be put to use in all of the best ways. If you haven’t done much research, check out this blog post to help you get started first.

You know the type of businesses your ideal client wants to spend her money at. You know how she wants to be treated and what her big problem is that you can solve. Continue thinking of these things when you are talking with your potential new clients (and current clients) whether in-person or even on Facetime (Insta stories count, too)!

What would her perception be if you showed up wearing ripped jeans, ponytail, and last decade’s tank top when you’re asking her to invest $10,000 on her wedding day package with you? Likewise, if your ideal client wants to feel like she can relax with you, chat in your home over coffee & kids running around, you might want to reconsider that blazer and Chanel bag.

The point is, be mindful of your appearance when you’re showing up virtually or face-to-face with your ideal customers. The same goes for how you speak and how you present your materials (see next tip). For any help with finding your brand voice, my friend Lauren over at Salted Pages is a great resource!

Presenting your print collateral

Whether you’re meeting your clients in person or sending them information digitally or via mail it is important that the presentation is on brand. Make sure that your brand color palette is in use, proper headings and paragraph fonts are recognizable. If you’ve decided to go the extra mile by having your materials printed, up-level by having them professionally printed. The paper quality and resolution of the print itself will make all the difference.

Printing collateral doesn’t have to be expensive. Depending on the piece, you can get forms printed at places like FedEx. Even print your designs directly from Canva!

Your social media channels

You are likely active on at least one social media platform. Keeping your brand recognizable and consistent on social media is easy! Create Instagram highlight covers that contain your brand colors; these don’t need to be complex. Look at how simple mine are! Use on brand words, images and your logo on your Facebook cover. Create Pinterest templates that are consistent with your brand. You can view some of mine over here & if you’re interested in getting some of your own go check out The Halcyon Hive!

Creating your own custom brand

The process of branding your business can feel intimidating. Often my clients don’t know where to start. They feel like they can’t venture down this project path because they aren’t even sure what their vision is. Trust me, friend, if you take your business seriously & you’re ready to start attracting those dream clients who pay you more, then you can do this! I’m here to help you and you can inquire about branding and website design here. I will dive even deeper into the topic of how to keep your brand consistent when we are ready to launch!

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