How do I know it’s time to rebrand my creative small business?

How do I know it’s time to rebrand my creative small business? I hear this question a lot. Many creatives definitely want a beautiful online home but aren’t sure if it’s the most logical next step. Today I’m sharing how you’ll know when it’s time.

There are some guidelines that I personally feel are important to consider when you’re looking into rebranding your business or having a new website built. The 3 reasons to re-brand your creative small business are:

01. You’ve been in business at least one year

Typically I encourage businesses who are just starting out to use their money differently. I’ll go into that at a later blog post. I think it’s important to take some steps prior to investing in custom web design. If you’re less than one year into business, I’d likely recommend purchasing an inexpensive Showit template. If you’ve been in business for more than one year and things are going well, I would definitely say it’s time to invest in a custom rebrand and website design to grow your business even more.

02. You hesitate when sending potential clients to your website

Or worse… you don’t have a website at all! If you cringe at the thought of sending a potential new client to your website (or have nowhere to direct them at all) you should most certainly start the process of hiring a designer for a custom branding and web design package.

03. You want to raise your prices

You know it’s time to start charging your clients more. You are talented and you provide exceptional service. Your online home is going to impact your ability to do so even more than you think. If you are looking to pay a premium price for a product or service, and the company’s website is lacking, how do you feel? Do you see them as being a credible investment? I had a photographer tell me recently that her last client was debating between her and another photographer. She eventually wen with my client because her website was more professional.

Fiend, your branding and website tell your ideal client something about your business long before you get an opportunity to interact with this visitor. So, after reading through this, are you still asking yourself, “How do I know if it’s time to rebrand my creative small business?”

If you’re ready, let’s chat! I’d love to provide you with a credible online home to start attracting and converting, your ideal clients.

The Kate Collective is a branding and website designer with a primary focus on photographers and wedding industry professionals. The Kate Collective is based in Phoenix, Arizona and serves the United States and Canada. To inquire with Katie fill out the form to connect

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