Three Website Best Practices That You Can Do Today

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We’ve all been there—we see beautiful websites all around us. Effective and eye catching marketing. We wonder what ours is missing. Why does it feel like my website is missing that “something extra”? What are website best practices?

Well, my friend I have good news! There are a few things that you can do TODAY to freshen up your website! They are easy + even the most beginner can effectively complete these steps!

01. Take a visitor’s perspective

You should be looking at your website at least once a month. I personally believe you should browse it once a day if you can! What do you notice from a visitors standpoint? Do the pages load in a reasonable amount of time? Are the photos clear? Is the font legible? Is the information that you’re providing up-to-date + accurate?

I know this may come as a shock, but I can’t tell you how many websites I have seen and their PRICING IS INCORRECT! I can never understand this! Verbally I am quoted something but online it reflects something else! People are not taking the time to update the information on their sites + it is sacrificing the client experience + overall revenue stream! So please, always be sure your website is current + functioning properly!

You can also use a site like GT Metrix to check your site speed – it’ll share so many wonderful things about the way things are working on your site!

02. Update your website portfolio

One of the main reasons that my clients come to me is because their site is simply “outdated”. They need it to be freshened up. Something that you can do TODAY + should be doing with every new project is to update your portfolio. If you are a photographer, how recent are your galleries? Is that last wedding photo you are displaying from 3 years ago? Chances are, your style has changed and your knowledge and expertise have evolved. Every time you complete a new project it should be loaded into your portfolio on your website. Your portfolio, or galleries, should be in order of newest to oldest. Your most current work should always show first.

This doesn’t just go for one specific portfolio page. How current is your “Hero” image? About Me photo from 4 years ago pre-marriage + kids? Update those suckers!

03. Be consistent

Consistency is key! On your website your branding should be consistent throughout your online and static presence. Be sure your colors are cohesive from page to page, that your Instagram page resembles your website + that it all feels like one brand.

If things aren’t feeling cohesive overall, go through your site + start making changes to your background colors, use of fonts, and placement of copy. Keeping things consistent from one page to the other will create a much cleaner + easier to navigate website!

Still unsure where to start?

Connect with me + let’s talk through it together! I’d be happy to provide you with a FREE consultation and brand evaluation + help you implement these website best practices AND make the necessary changes to convert your ideal client into a sale!

The Kate Collective is a branding and website designer with a primary focus on photographers and wedding industry professionals. The Kate Collective is based in Phoenix, Arizona and serves the United States and Canada. To inquire with Katie fill out the form to connect

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